Parenting Like A Buddhist Course

What's Happening Now

You're home with your kids more than you've ever been before. And along with that you're also juggling working from home and taking on a new role as a homeschool teacher.

Let's just say it like it is - life right now is a bit stressful and overwhelming, and along with the stress the uncertainty of things is making it really hard to feel a sense of calm and ease.

When we're caught up and doing too many things at one time it's easy for us to snap, say things we don't mean, yell, punish, interact in ways we don't feel good about.

What We Want to Feel Instead

What we want though is to feel a sense of calm in the chaos. To be able to switch gears easily and be there for our children and helpful. We want to enjoy being at home with our children and connect with them easily. We want to laugh with them instead of yell at them. We want to hug them instead of walk away from them. We want to share with them instead of argue. 

This desire to communicate with our kids in a kind, honest, and helpful way is why I created the Parenting like a Buddhist course.

And because of what's happening around us, I'm stripping it down to the bare essentials so that it's easy to incorporate into your life right now.

How I Can Help

I'm offering the parenting course as a completely self paced program.

This means that you can do it at any time, when you have the time. There are no calls that you have to attend, nothing that is going to add extra stress. And because you're doing it on your own - the cost of it is much lower.

While the course is geared more for younger children, the concepts and principles can be applied to older children as well.

If you're looking to make parenting in quarantine easier for you, to feel more calm within your parenting and feel some sense of control, then the time for you to do this is now.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could enjoy your time with your children, how would that help you and your relationship right now. You'd look forward to each day. Your kids would be wanting to connect with you and share and laugh and relax, how would that feel? And even better, you could be in difficult interactions and know how to work with them.

I've helped over 40,000 people change the way they communicate through my bestselling books, online courses, and the Intentional Communication Training Program. Now it's your turn!

The course is going to help you:

  • respond instead of react
  • not let your emotion lead you
  • speak so your children can hear you (toddlers, young adults, grown children)
  • have difficult conversations
  • move through the fear around expressing yourself 
  • feel confident in sharing and connecting 
  • see your children, mothering, and parenting from a new perspective
  • be more present and compassionate with your children
  • listen without evaluation
  • create calm within what may feel overwhelming and chaotic.

What's Included

  • Six video lessons
  • Previously Recorded Group Calls from Last Live Course 
  • Meditations specific to communication
  • Lifetime access to the entire program / updates


  • How to Communicate like a Buddhist
  • Talk to Yourself like a Buddhist


  • One payment of $150
  • Five payments of $50

How to Sign Up?

To register click the best payment option for you below and you'll get instant access.

Now is really the time for you to do this. Just imagine if you don't take action now, what will the rest of your time in quarantine be like?

Are You Ready?

If you're ready to change your relationship with your children, now is your chance. And while it may seem like an added expense right now, can you really afford not to do this for you, your partner, and your children?

Go ahead and sign up below - it won't only be your children that will thank you for doing it, but you'll also be able to finally thank yourself.



One Payment of $150 Click Here to Register Five Monthly Payments of $50 Click Here to Register

Cynthia Kane


Through her bestselling books, How to Communicate Like a Buddhist and Talk to Yourself Like a Buddhist, workshops, online courses, and training program, Cynthia Kane has taught over thirty thousand men and women how to change their communication routine to create the types of relationships and interactions they desire - at home, work, and school.

Her work is grounded in the practice she created called the Kane Intentional Communication Method. She uses simple principles to help guide others in improving their communication.

Cynthia is on a mission to help people change their words so they can change their lives.


Change how you communicate today!